Basheerah Ahmad

Motivational Speaker

With Over 20 Years Of Experience....

Basheerah has appeared as a fitness expert on over a dozen TV shows including Radius, The Today Show, America Now, The Drs, and Dr. Phil.  She has also starred as the advanced fitness expert in Fitness DVD series such as The Daniel Plan (produced by Sony), and The PINK Method.  In addition to her respectable fitness TV and DVD career, Ms. Ahmad is also a published author, creator of her own nutrition App and Health Supplement line, a motivational speaker, Wellness Consultant, Youth Advocate, and a professional dancer with the legendary Isley Brothers. 

Even in the midst of a thriving fitness entertainment career, Basheerah knew that she had to do more than train celebrities and make TV appearances.  She wanted to focus on teaching Holistic Health in our communities to help people everywhere access a better quality of life.  So, she created Bring Joy LLC in 2015 to accomplish this lofty goal.  Ms. Ahmad currently works as a Wellness consultant for various Health Departments, Faith-based organizations, Workplace Wellness programs, and for the Southern Region Obesity Summit. She has also created an online platform to provide holistic health information and services during the Covid-19 Pandemic. 

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"Love yourself enough to be healthy: 50 Affirmations to your best life" is an inspirational body of work that takes its readers on a journey to improve their quality of life through use of life-changing affirmations and by focusing on healthy living.

Love Yourself Enough To Be Happy: 50 Affirmations to Your Best Self

By Basheerah Ahmad

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