What is a Fit Mogul?

When I started using the moniker "The Fit Mogul" 5 years ago, many friends and acquaintances felt that I was being a bit cocky. I guess it could've appeared that my new brand was also a misguided attempt at bragging about the accolades that I had attained in the health and fitness industry, but nothing could have been further from the truth. You see, I created the Fit Mogul brand because I knew that I had been so blessed to not only achieve a great level of success, but to also overcome the heinous obstacles that I had encountered along the way!!!

People would see magazine covers, Fitness Videos, TV shows, movies, and commercials that I starred in, but what they didn't see where the countless moments of rejection, shame, betrayal, financial devastation, and the loneliness...The Fit Mogul is about me and every other person out there who strives for greatness in an industry that has few blueprints for success. This brand is my passion project and platform to share my knowledge, experience, truth, and insight. If you're ready to step into your greatness, join us on FB at

Yours in Health and Wealth,

Basheerah Ahmad

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